Staff - WA Sports Massage
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Matt Olszewski

Matt has over 9 years of experience in the health & fitness industry, working in a diverse range of gyms, mobile massage services, health & holistic clinics.


His passion for massage first came about after a personal injury in the Armed forces. After requiring intensive treatment, he gained information and knowledge from the specialists during rehabilitation.


He understands the psychological effects that acute and chronic pain can play. It gives Matt a great sense of satisfaction when a client’s pain is relieved and their physical performance is enhanced.


He appreciates that every client is different and is constantly striving to improve his knowledge and expertise by keeping up to date with current research and techniques.


Matt then applies these skills to each individual’s treatment plan to ensure the most effective outcomes for client’s health & performance goals!


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Alicia Lim

Alicia is a certified Remedial Massage Therapist with massage experience from both Singapore and WA.


She is personally involved in competitive sports and wants to help other athletes better with her belief that physical therapy can boost sporting performance and aid in recovery.


An injury-free body is achievable with proper maintenance work. This does not mean swallowing anti-inflammatory pills to stop pain and mindlessly stretching.


It means using proven physical therapy techniques, coupled with diligent self-care work, to correct your imbalances and injuries.


Alicia’s question to you will always be “What are your goals today?” She believes that each client is unique and should not be provided with a standard massage routine.


She will work with you to help improve your physical performance and stay pain-free.


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