About Us

Proudly owned and operated by a passionate, local, health and fitness professional.

The team at WA Sports Massage take great pride in optimising your

physical performance and achieving your goals.

Although we are sports orientated, we welcome anyone who is suffering general tension,

aches, pains, in physical rehabilitation, or simply want to enhance

their own physical and emotional well-being through remedial massage therapy.

Our Mission

The WA Sports Massage team are emphatically client focused – we want to know what your requirements and expectations are.

Knowing your needs allows us to apply the latest in clinical best-practice assessment frameworks

and therapeutic techniques to create personalised treatment programs.

Which are designed to help you achieve your goals within our scope of practice.

We have a growing network of health and fitness professionals, including dieticians, counsellors and personal trainers.

We are fundamentally committed to helping you re-establish and maintain peak physical performance and good health.

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