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Christophe Cisse

Chris is a Senior Massage Therapist at WA Sports Massage and has been a certified Remedial Massage Therapist since 2017.

He is a former competitive bodybuilder and motocross racer with lots of personal experience in the fitness world. 

He grew up racing motocross in France from age 10 to 19, reaching a top 10 national level in both 80c and 125cc class. His career in this was cut short after suffering from over 10 fractured bones.

He then came to Perth in 2004 and started training at a gym to rehab past injuries and developed passion for weight training. This led him to become a competitive bodybuilder. He went on to win several state titles but unfortunately after suffering from several injuries, he had to give up competitive bodybuilding.

Realising that poor body maintenance was the cause of most of his physical issues, he decided to become a remedial massage therapist to help others achieve their own specific goals while remaining injury free.

He understands the effects that injuries can have on people which is why he pushes for injury prevention as this is the only short cut to reach goals as fast as possible with the least stress.

Massage therapy is to him the best supplement for recovery and longevity.

Special Interests in:
Postural Alignment
Fasciae Stretch
Active Release Therapy
Physical Stress Related Disorders


Services offered:
Sports/Remedial/Deep Tissue/Relaxation Massage
Myofascial Release
Trigger-Point Therapy
Dry Needling



Evie Oldham

Evie is a soft tissue therapist, holding her Level 5 diploma with the ISRM (London School of Sports Massage). Evie has a holistic approach, working with the individual as a whole to effectively assess and treat injuries, tight muscles, and to reduce stress. 

After graduating from London School of Sports Massage in 2021, Evie worked with a range of people, including athletes from diverse backgrounds including dance, performance and climbing. Her experience in treating athletes gave Evie a broader knowledge on sports-specific injuries, and why they happen.

With a passion for movement and expression, Evie has found that her knowledge of the body from these backgrounds has helped to treat each client with attentiveness and intuition.

Services offered:
Sports Massage (No Rebates)


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