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Remedial massage is an effective way to relieve pain and tension throughout the whole body. When muscles and tendons become damaged, impaired, knotted or tense, remedial massage provides a healing treatment that can be gentle, strong, deep or shallow.

 You can expect a systematic assessment, orthopaedic testing and treatment of the muscles, tendons, and the connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management in a session.

 It corrects physical dysfunction using a wide variety of techniques, such as deep tissue massage and trigger-point therapy, myo-fascial stretching and many more. 

Remedial massage can be applied as a method of injury prevention and physical maintenance and could accelerate the healing process post injury to assist in pain management, and to help support other acute, chronic and ongoing medical conditions.

 It can also work very well under the direction and collaboration with other health and medical professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors and other specialists.

Sports massage is not different to remedial massage in the techniques employed, but is termed uniquely because of the knowledge the therapist has about what the athlete is involved in and the demands the sport places on the body. 

Maintenance sports massage helps athletes maintain healthy muscle conditions in between events and training regimes. 

Increasing the blood flow and nutrients to the muscle, maintenance helps with muscular mobility and flexibility which in turn enables muscles and other connective tissues to slide over each other much more easily and helps reduce the development of scar tissue. 

The goal of all sports massage is to maximize athletic performance and is a prevention measure against sporting injuries.

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