Sports Massage

Sports massage is broad term to cover 3 different stages of massage treatments associated with athletic performance. They each have their own benefits and range of techniques to help repair, recover and maintain a high level of performance and assist in injury prevention. 

Pre-event sports massage is applied to help prevent serious injury by warming up, stretching out and increasing the flexibility, stimulates the blood flow to the muscles, producing the feeling of psychological readiness for the athlete. 

Post-event is whenever an athlete trains hard, their muscles suffer from micro trauma, or small rips and tears throughout their muscle. Small amounts of swelling, a bit of lactic acid and the feeling of stiffness and tired muscles.

Sports massage helps kick off the recovery process by promoting blood flow to the muscles, bringing with it, much needed nutrients, removes lactic acid build ups, maintains flexibility, alleviates pulls, strains and soreness which speeds up overall recovery time.  

Maintenance sports massage helps athletes maintain healthy muscle conditions in between events and training regimes. 

Increasing the blood flow and nutrients to the muscle, maintenance helps with muscular mobility and flexibility which in turn enables muscles and other connective tissues to slide over each other much more easily and helps reduce the development of scar tissue. 

The goal of all sports massage is to maximize athletic performance and is a prevention measure against sporting injuries.

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