What should I wear to a treatment session?

It doesn’t matter what you wear for treatment – as long as you have your underwear on! We typically work on bare skin in clinical conditions which makes it easier to discern what’s going on under the surface. Of course, you will be draped with warm towels. If you are uncomfortable with this, we are happy to work through loose clothing.

Where will my treatment take place?

In our private treatment rooms at 2/4 Zeta Crescent, O’Connor WA 6163.

What type of massage will I require?

If you already know what works for you, then we can adapt my treatments to suit. Otherwise, we normally get a good idea of what modalities work best for your within the first one or two sessions.

Can I get health fund rebates back off the treatments?

Health fund rebates may be available, depending on your level of cover. Please ensure your heath fund covers remedial message if you are expecting to claim the rebate.

How often will I need a massage?

It depends on your what your needs, goals, and conditions are. Some of the more elite athletes or those suffering from ongoing medical conditions seek treatment from anything between two to four times a month. Others may just need once a month for ongoing maintenance to rid any tension and/or pain.

Initially, most clients that only require a few sessions in weekly succession to get the ground work done before reverting a monthly maintenance routine. Each individual is different, so normally at the end of the treatment the practitioner will advise on what they think is necessary.

What are massage contraindications?

There are a number of acute/chronic medical conditions that can potentially be made worse by massage. Before every initial treatment, you will need to fill out a basic medical history questionnaire that will identify whether or not you are fit for treatment.

If there are any contraindications, you will not be treated unless you have certified medical clearance (i.e. from your GP) and the therapist feels comfortable to commence treatment. It is advised you speak to your GP before booking a treatment.

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